Even experienced builders and contractors can be overwhelmed by the design of today's modern Outdoor Kitchens and the wide selection of outdoor equipment available.

Outdoor Luxury has become the right hand to many  Designers, Landscape Architects and Builders  who rely on our input and expertise when it comes to the design and construction of an Outdoor Kitchen or Grilling Island .

These professionals know when to consult a specialist, and in many cases, they take advantage of our “ Builder's Kit ” solution.

We will start by assessing your customer's equipment requirements, available space, and budget, to integrate the Outdoor Kitchen into your overall design.

We can then help you navigate the “Do's and Don'ts” of Outdoor Kitchen design and advise you on different outdoor equipment manufactures along with the various construction materials available.

You can choose to have us build the complete Outdoor Kitchen, or we can supply a “ Mainframe ” which you then finish with your own materials. You can now have the confidence that all openings, cutouts, and clearances will be accurate for the equipment selected, as well as structural durability!